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American Girl's Commitment to Racial Equality

As part of Mattel's commitment to racial equality, American Girl will perform these actions to make AG more inclusive to Black girls and other girls of color:

  • This fall, a series of virtual and in-person discussions, What It Means to Be an American Girl Today, will premiere. Led by Black authors and experts behind AG books, these will share diverse perspectives, ensure that American Girl is listening to their fan community, and help foster empathy and understanding.

  • Starting July 1, the Addy, Cecile, Melody and Gabriela book series, including mysteries and other books, will be free on American Girl's online website.

  • American Girl will donate $500,000 worth of Addy, Melody, Kaya, Nanea, Josefina and Rebecca books to public libraries. These will give girls of color, as well as Jewish girls, more access to representation.

  • American Girl will bring more Black consultants, influencers, parents and girls who can help advise AG's products, content and programming.

  • A new Black contemporary character, as well as other contemporary characters of color, will be introduced.

What are your thoughts? I am so happy that American Girl is doing all of this to give girls of color more representation and access to it. I would have included Joss's stories in the donation, since they would have given disabled girls more representation in the same vein, but it's still pretty cool!

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