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American Girl's Plans for 2023: Kit, GOTY 2024, Collector Line

At the Mattel shareholder meeting, American Girl has revealed their plans for 2024! Here's everything you need to know:

  • American Girl wants to create more character stories that speak to "a wider audience".

  • To bring more value to the Girl of the Year during the holiday season, American Girl will introduce GOTYs from 2024 and beyond ahead of the holiday season, "which allows us to own the conversation early and then target more occasions to promote high-value companion accessories and playsets throughout the year."

  • American Girl will create "fewer, more experiential stores that are both memory-making for our fans and profitable for the brand.", including the LA store opening between April and June of 2023.

  • My suspicions were correct: Kit is coming back!

  • More Collector dolls will be released, in addition to collaborations with Swarovski, Harry Potter, the NFL, and "a big announcement coming later this year".

What does everyone think? I'm excited for Kit, crossing my fingers that Charlotte and Nashville don't close, and making plans with my roommate to go check out 2024's Girl of the Year during her early debut.

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