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American Girl's Plans for 2023: Timeline

After yesterday's Toy Fair presentation, the American Girl world seems to be having a jam-packed year in 2023! Combined with the book releases we already know about, I thought it would be convenient if I made a timeline of all these plans to talk about what to expect for the rest of the year.

  • APRIL: Kit's return!

We've been talking about this even before Toy Fair. Kit was rumored to return, and well, she's coming! In April! In her original meet outfit and several other original outfits and accessories!

  • MAY: Truly Me summer release!

Several Truly Me items for summer, including the Get Outside Camper, came out the first week in May last year. If April and June's releases are more historical than not, I'd imagine the summer stuff releasing this year around the same time.

  • JUNE: Claudie's second book, and AGP LA opening!

On June 6, Claudie's second book, Adventures with Claudie, is releasing! I can imagine this means more items for Claudie, and also more stuff for the WellieWishers as they're getting more books that day. In addition, the American Girl store in Los Angeles is set to open around then!

  • JULY: Kavi's full-length book!

July 1. "It's Showtime, Kavi!" is finally releasing after forever. We finally get Kavi's full story. FINALLY!!!! (This also means more stuff for Kavi.)

  • AUGUST (my honest guess): Truly Me collaboration stuff!

You know what starts in August? Football. You know what also starts in August? School. I can imagine the NFL stuff releasing around this time, and if AG sigh decides to really release more Harry Potter stuff, it would be then.

  • SEPTEMBER: Isabel and Nicki's full-length book, and 2023 Swavorski Collector Doll!

Isabel and Nicki's actual book is releasing on September 5! Their actual story, in all it's deserved glory! Also, more stuff for Isabel and Nicki. And the Holiday Collector Doll!

  • OCTOBER (my honest guess): GOTY 2024, "Lila Monetti"

This is normally when the holiday stuff releases. I am assuming for that as well, but if American Girl means they're releasing Lila "ahead of the holidays", it would probably be around then. Their "big announcement" would also be around then, because it probably has to do with Lila if they didn't say anything about it.

  • DECEMBER: A random Truly Me release before Christmas

For the last few years, there has been a random Truly Me release just days before Christmas. I'm assuming the trend will resume.

  • JANUARY 2024: My guess? Lila's full-length book.

Alright, one last unhinged theory before I hit "publish". With AG's new book strategy, I can imagine it was a weird transition from the normal series to journals, which explains the long delay between Kavi, Isabel and Nicki's books and journals. And with the new time for GOTY releases, I can imagine Lila's journal releasing with her... and then her full book releasing at the beginning of 2024 to ring in the new year!

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