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American Girl Smart Girl's Guide to Race and Inclusion Release Date (Plus: New Item Release Date?)

American Girl announced on social media yesterday that their new Smart Girl's Guide to Race and Inclusion book will release on June 15th.

I don't collect Smart Girl's Guides, but I am really excited that American Girl is teaching girls about this important topic.

P.S: Do you think June 15th is the date of the summer release?

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I called AG this morning, Wednesday 16th. The new Girl's Guide on Race and Inclusion is now available for pre-order but will not be available until June 30th.

The agent I spoke to did not see any new dolls on the horizon. He did say that they sometimes are not told about new dolls until close to release. He also checked his list of dolls for 2021. The last new dolls he saw were the "Bitty Twins." I shared my feelings of disappointment that those were not truly Bitty Twins.

He did not even see the World By Us dolls. So maybe something is in the works but he cannot access it.

Maybe Sydney knows more but right now there…


June 15, seems not today for the release of the book or other things. 🤔


I would love another Native American doll. She could be Kaya's 257 times great grand daughter. Or she could be from a different tribe altogether. Either way, AG please make another Native American doll.


I apologize. I misread the date. Juneteenth is June 19. The name comes from a combination of June and nineteen. That was the day that Major General Gordon Granger of the Union Army landed in Galveston, TX and informed slaves that the Civil War had ended and that slavery was abolished.

Thanks to Mademoiselle_Cattington_The_1st for the heads up.


AG is taking really important steps and I think this book will make a change.

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