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American Girl Store Changes Due To COVID-19

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know COVID-19, or the coronavirus, is a big deal right now. Schools are closing, travel restrictions are being put in place, media productions and movie releases are being delayed- even Disney World is closed! American Girl stores are also operating a little differently due to the virus, which they told their customers in a email sent last night:

To keep the stores more clean, they are disinfecting play areas and product displays, registers and countertops, touch-screen devices, shelves, handrails, and other high-traffic items and spaces more frequently, expanding their housekeeping services and increasing sanitation of restaurants, salons and restrooms.

All paid and non-paid store events are cancelled until further notice, and the paid event tickets will be refunded. Other store experiences will be evaluated on a daily basis.

Extra steps are being taken to ensure the frequency of restaurant sanitation, and dolls will no longer be available for borrowing.

Lastly, AG is communicating with their employees the information they need to stay healthy, as well as telling them to stay home if they don't feel well.

I knew this plan would be inevitable, but it's still cool that it's being put in place. My dad won't take me go to the store until this virus stuff is over, but I'm just glad that everyone else who goes is being taken care of!

Does anyone have no school yet? My school district just cancelled after school activities, which kinda hurts since I'm in anime club after school on Fridays- why won't you cancel school but you cancel one of the only good parts of school?

P.S: I'll put up Small AGTuber Saturday later- this was just a quick post before I headed to my dad's house to film ;)

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