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American Girl Surprise Summer Release!

American Girl surprised us all today- by releasing the summer items on their website T O D A Y TODAY! When I found out this morning, I was in shocked silence... and then I squealed and chanted "SURPRISE RELEASE!" as I got my computer, which was conveniently right by my bed. Anyways, here are the new items! WHOOHOO!

This is Truly Me #87! She has the Classic mold, blue eyes, light skin, and straight magenta hair. She retails for $110.

In addition, you can now choose between the Truly Me Accessories and Everyday Accessories for a $5 discount.

The new Mix and Match Cute at Heart Collection has also been released- and it's Japan themed! I'd be more overjoyed if it wasn't like Justice in 2008- I wanted an actual doll sized kimono and yukata and school uniform.

*Yes, I put kimono in air quotes.*

Anyways, the next items are AG's new travel set, replacing the Travel in Style set from 2017.

These items are also available grouped together along with a story starter in the Travel Play Pack for the AG starter sets and gift trunks.

Lastly, AG rereleased the old store-exclusive tee from 2015 to 2018 as the Star Tee with no store name for $10.

That's the surprise release, everyone! It may seem smaller than normal- that's because it IS- but that's because they were meaning to release the Olympics collection but then the Olympics got postponed due to COVID-19, and more items might have been in production but never got manufactured in full because of COVID-19 hitting China first. So don't get mad, this release's size isn't AG's fault at all.

What do you guys think? Personally, I'm not feeling the clothing, but I really like the new luggage set and Truly Me 87. I wonder where 83-85 are, though...

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