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American Girl Thank You Heroes Contest Winners

The winners of the American Girl Thank You Heroes contest have been announced! To honor essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, children and their families were invited to nominate a family member or friend who is an essential worker to win a custom-made doll of their nominee and an American Girl gift card for the nominator. The five essential workers were announced yesterday. Here are their dolls and their stories!

Laurent's doll is a Logan doll with blue eyes.

Sarah's doll is a Truly Me 46.

Xavier's doll is a Truly Me #76 with a customized wig.

April's doll is a Truly Me #33.

Pam's doll is a Truly Me #69.

I hope AG has more of these custom doll contests in the future! I know the pandemic was a special circumstance, but I find it interesting to read about real people and see them reflected in doll form.

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