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American Girl Truly Me Retirements

American Girl has retired tons of Truly Me dolls lately. Yesterday, a few more were added to the list, so I decided to personally check every Truly Me doll and see if they were in limited quantities, sold out, or fine. Here's what I found:


-Just Like You 13

-Just Like You 76


-Just Like You 57

It is sad to see all these dolls go, but I'm just glad they haven't retired any doll that is in my top-tier Truly Me ranking yet. I remember when they retired 49 and 40, I wasn't that happy. However, it is significant that 13 retired, since she is the last doll out of the original 20 American Girl of Today dolls to retire. This leaves 24, who was released in 2004, as the oldest Truly Me doll.

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