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American Girl Winter Wonderland Sale

Now through Monday, American Girl is having a Winter Wonderland sale! You can get Black Friday deals early by using the code WINTER. You will get 10% off $50 or more, 15% off $75 or more and 20% off $100 or more! Dolls and Courtney's Pac-Man Arcade Game are excluded from this sale, but overall, it's a great deal for the holidays!

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But la you have enough money to buy her! I should know I am your sister!


I love Courtney! I wish I had enough money to buy her!😃


@AGforLIFE exactly!


Nov 14, 2020

Why does American girl keep excluding the dolls in their sales? Isn’t that the point of American Girl, to sell dolls? Especially if someone who’s never shopped there before uses the Black Friday sales. Most of the time the first time buyer would be going there to get a doll. So I’m not sure why dolls have been excluded this year.

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