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American Girls of the Year at Costco! (UPDATED WITH PICTURES!)

This year, the holiday season (feels weird to type that, because it doesn't FEEL like the holiday season) dolls that will be sold at Costco are three former Girl of the Year dolls! That's right- Gabriela, Luciana and Blaire bundles are now available in Costco stores! After putting a request for photos out, AGDN reader Sarah came through with not only photos of the Girl of the Year bundles, but pictures of the new WellieWishers ones too! Thank you so much, Sarah!

Blaire comes with her Gardening Outfit, Pig and Accessories, as well as her first book.

Gabriela and Luciana's sets are the same as last year.

Lastly, here are the WellieWisher sets in person!

These all look so cool! Thanks again Sarah for providing the pictures!

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