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Are We Getting Another New Historical Next Year?

I just had a crazy theory. You guys know how Courtney and Claudie were both not in American Girl's development pipeline for that long? Well, that had me thinking... what if American Girl was planning to release the historical they were planning on releasing before all of this stuff happened soon? Maybe as soon as... next year?

Let me explain. Back in the late 2010's, American Girl was working on a historical character, but they decided to make Courtney instead after the rise of 80s nostalgia in pop culture such as Stranger Things. Then, right when Courtney released, Brit Bennett tweeted about wanting to write a historical character, which led to Claudie. Since Claudie is out now, however, there must be someone else AG's historical team has been working on as Courtney and Claudie speedran the historical development timeline.... maybe from the 1800s, a decade AG's done before, or even the 90's? We'll have to see, but we might be getting another historical sooner than expected...

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