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BIG AMERICAN GIRL NEWS FOR 2022 (American Girl President Jamie Cygielman Interview)

On American Girl's new podcast, the president of American Girl, Jamie Cygielman, was interviewed. In addition to talking about the American Girl memes, Jamie revealed some big news for American Girl in 2022 and all the way into 2023:

  • Brit Bennett is writing the Claudie books and was inspired so much by Addy to write stories that she quickly agreed to write the Claudie books: a dream come true for her!

  • Claudie should be releasing "very soon"!

  • American Girl will be having a collaboration with another brand releasing in 2022.

  • American Girl is releasing another holiday collector doll in the fall of 2022 with Swarovski Crystals.

  • Truly Me is gaining a new "customizable feature" this fall for the main Truly Me dolls- not the Create Your Owns.

  • Corinne's movie is being made for a December 2022 release, and another HBO Max special is in production for a release in 2023.

  • Jamie got to watch the first cut of the Corinne movie and had nothing but kind words to say about it- she described it as "a lot of fun", "sweet" and "funny".

  • So much will be happening for American Girl in 2023- including a celebration for the 25th anniversary of The Care and Keeping of You book!

I am so excited for all of these new things for American Girl!

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