Caroline Abbott's Collection: Doll of the Month September 2022

It's time for the collection post for Caroline Abbott, the Doll of the Month!

Due to her limited years of availability, Caroline had a small collection. So small, that I found a photo online of her entire collection:

Here are the items in this collage:

  • Caroline's Winter Coat and Cap

  • Caroline's Work Dress

  • Caroline's Spencer and Hat

  • Caroline's Work Dress

  • Caroline's Hairstyling Set

  • Caroline's Ice Skating Srt

  • Caroline's Calf, Garnet

  • Caroline's Skiff

  • Caroline's Table and Chairs

  • Caroline's Party Gown

  • Caroline's Holiday Gown

  • Caroline's Travel Basket

  • Caroline's Bed and Bedding

  • Caroline's Cat, Inkpot

  • Caroline's Nightgown

  • Caroline's Table and Treats

  • Caroline's Birthday Dress

  • Caroline's Parlor

Who should be Doll of the Month next month?

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