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Chicago "Library of Things" Offers American Girl Dolls

Libraries offering several American Girl dolls with books to checkout is not a new concept. However, one library in Chicago, Illinois, took an unique spin to this concept.

These libraries are called "Libraries of Things", which allow customers at several Chicago-area libraries to check out physical items. But the most popular items to check out are American Girl dolls - in fact, the library has 54 dolls!

"One of Fox River Valley’s most-frequently requested “things” might be a surprise to anyone who’s not an elementary school-age girl.

“Our most popular items are the American Girl Dolls,” said Kirstin Finneran, public relations and outreach manager. “We have 54 dolls, and they are available for checkout at the Dundee Library or the Randall Oaks Library.”"

If you are in the Chicago area, make sure to visit these two libraries to check out dolls!

Have you ever checked out an American Girl doll from the library?

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