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Courtney: Friendship Superhero Review

Today, I picked up Courtney: Friendship Superhero from my local American Girl store! Here's my review of it:

I really liked this book! Courtney's character was awesome, just like in the last book, Courtney Changes the Game. My favorite character had to be Isaac, though- he was a very developed side character, which I love in American Girl books. Speaking of side characters, another thing I liked in this book was that Kip and Sarah, Courtney's friends, got more character development. The plot was full of conflict, which made the book very engaging. Courtney and Sarah do get into a fight, but it goes along with the rest of the story and isn't shoved in like AG friend fights are sometimes. Ultimately, this book had a message of acceptance and facing facts, which I feel is important in this day and age. One thing I didn't like in the book is that Tina, Courtney's stepsister, wasn't as developed as she was in Courtney Changes the Game and that the first chapter, which was about the Hands Across America event, felt shoved in. Overall, I'd give the book an 8.5/10 and would recommend it to American Girl fans, especially those who enjoyed the first book.

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