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Courtney Moore's Whole World

The day has come, AG fans! Courtney's collection is HERE! Here is everything in her collection, as well as special Courtney offers!

First, you can buy Courtney's Ultimate Collection for $249. This comes with Courtney herself, her accessories, her Pac-Man lunch set, her T-shirt and tank set, her cardigan, her leggings set, her Care Bears pajamas and Care Bears sleeping bag. You can also get some gift trunk collections for Courtney, which I will show in the next post.

Now, here's the collection!

Her accessories retail for $30.

The Courtney doll and book retail for $110.

Courtney's PAC-Man Arcade Game releases on October 2 and retails for $149.99. You can preorder it now.

Courtney's School Supplies cost $30.

Courtney's big ticket item, her Bedroom Set, costs $225.

One of the items from Courtney's mix and match collection, Courtney's Flats and Socks, cost $12.

Courtney's Pleasant Company Doll costs $30. A Pleasant Company doll in 1986 cost $68.

Courtney's High-Top Sneakers cost $16.

Courtney's Sunglasses cost $10.

Courtney's Belt Bag and Watch cost $16.

Courtney's Fashion Accessories cost $16.

Courtney's Splatter Print Dress costs $18.

Courtney's Denim Jacket costs $18.

Courtney's Cardigan costs $18.

Courtney's Jeans cost $16.

Courtney's T-Shirt and Tank cost $16.

Courtney's Leggings Set costs $16.

Courtney's Shirt and Tie costs $16.

Courtney's Skirt and Suspenders cost $16.

Courtney's Sleepover Accessory Set costs $50.

Courtney's Cropped Jacket costs $12.

Courtney's Care Bears Pajamas cost $28.

Courtney's Caboodles and Hair Accessories Kit cost $36.

Courtney's Care Bears Sleeping Bag Set costs $36.

Courtney's Legwarmers are an AG Rewards-exclusive item.

What's your favorite item from Courtney's collection?

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