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Create Your Own American Girl Dolls: Owl House Style

Back in January, I met my future college roommate! She's super nice, so I wanted to be in one of the same fandoms as her. I found out her favorite TV show is The Owl House on Disney Channel, which was a show I wanted to get into for a white now, and after two months of intense binge-watching in order to be caught up for the series finale airing Saturday, I finally have watched all the available episodes! But to cope with the intense emotional damage the last few episodes left me, I decided to do something I haven't done in a while - making American Girl Create Your Own dolls based on the show's characters!

This doll is Luz Noceda, the main character, a 14 year old human girl who finds a portal to a fantasy world and starts to train to become a witch and go to magic school... until she finds herself in the middle of a plot that could destroy the world forever. I gave Luz medium skin, the Josefina mold, dark brown hair in the pixie cut style, and dark brown eyes.

This doll is Amity Blight, who starts out as a pressured student at the Hexside magic school with a troubled home life and a bullying problem, but through getting to know Luz more, she changes into a kinder person, starts to be the person she wants to be instead of who her mom wants her to, and even falls in love with Luz. I gave Amity light skin, the Classic mold, purple hair in the pixie cut style (I swear American Girl needs to make more short hair options, I gave almost every doll from this series the same style!), and hazel eyes.

This doll is Willow Park, a student at Hexside who becomes Luz's first witch friend her age. At first, she is bullied by Amity and another student named Boscha, but Willow eventually finds her own strength, self-confidence, and even eventually becomes friends with Amity. I gave Willow light skin, the Jess mold, black hair in the medium straight wig and grey eyes.

This doll is Gus Porter, another student at Hexside and Willow's friend. Gus is part of the school's Human Appreciation Society, a group that studies "artifacts" from the human world, so he is intrigued when Luz joins school and quickly becomes friends with her. I gave Gus dark skin, the Addy mold, brown hair in the pixie cut wig and brown eyes.

This doll is Hunter, who doesn't go to Hexside, but instead is the "Golden Guard", one of the highest-ranking subordinates for evil emperor Belos. At first, Hunter is brainwashed by Belos to hate Luz and her friends, but he eventually starts questioning what he was told and becomes friends with them. I gave Hunter light skin, the Josefina mold, light blond hair in the pixie cut wig and light brown eyes.

I forgot how much fun making Create Your Own dolls from different media sources that aren't American Girl was. Needless to say, my emotional damage is cured and I'm ready for Saturday night's finale!

If you watch The Owl House, who's your favorite character? My favorite is King, and my roommate's favorite is Hunter.

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