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Did You Know American Girl Had Happy Meal Toys?

Ah, Happy Meals. Those smiley shaped boxes with McDonald's chicken nuggets and a toy inside every box. For many American children, it's a staple of childhood... but did you know American Girl was apart of the phenomenon not once, but twice?

The first Happy Meal toy set for American Girl was in August 2009, and the sets were focused on nine different Historical Characters: Kaya, Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Kit, Molly, and Julie. They were paper books with a set of paper dolls and historical stickers.

The second time was in June 2014, with toys inspired by Isabelle, the 2014 Girl of the Year, to commemorate the release of her movie Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight. 4 of the 8 toys were plastic 4-inch Isabelle dolls, while others were 2 dress-up paper dolls and 1 plastic sewing machine inspired by Isabelle's love of fashion design, while the last toy was a pink hair extension inspired by the one Isabelle came with.

This was such a long time ago, but it came to my mind today, so I figured I'd make a post! Was anyone else into AG in 2009 or 2014? I wasn't there for 2009, but I was there for 2014! I have since lost my Isabelle plastic doll though...

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