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DIFFICULT American Girl Doll Trivia Questions

Today, I challenged myself to come up with five American Girl doll themed trivia questions- all ones that aren't common knowledge. Whoever gets the most of them first by tomorrow will get a shoutout in my next post!

  1. What was Pleasant Company's working name when Pleasant Rowland was coming up with the concept of the dolls?

  2. What six dolls were featured in the 2018-19 American Girl Live touring musical?

  3. There were only 2 times when American Girl released 20 Truly Me dolls at once, and one of those occasions was when the line debuted as American Girl today in 1995. What other year did 20 Truly Me dolls debut?

  4. What event did American Girl hold in November 2011 for their 25th anniversary?

  5. What Girl of the Year was the first one to debut on January 1 of her year?

BONUS QUESTION: Who was the last Girl of the Year to retire on December 31 of her year?

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  1. Pleasantries

  2. Julie, Maryellen, Melody, Luciana, Nanea, Rebecca

  3. 2009

  4. A cruise

  5. Nicki Fleming

Bonus: I think it was Grace GOTY 2015, but this I'm not sure of.


Lily Rose Lovemoon713
Lily Rose Lovemoon713

I don't know about the other questions, but I do know the second time 20 Just Like You dolls were released was 2009.


1. I think Pleasantries?

2. I actually went to that one. It was Nanea, Julie, Luciana, Melody, Rebecca, Maryellen. Of course, the stage had references to other AG girls as the backdrop at the play I went to in the form of direction plates. :P

3. I think it was either 2009 or 2010. Not sure on this one...

4. The event for their anniversary was a cruise.

5. Nicki Fleming.

Bonus: Lea Clark.

This was a great quiz! Give us more! :D


  1. Pleasetries???

  2. Idk

  3. Idk

  4. Idk

  5. Kira?


  1. I don't know.

  2. I can't remember, but Julie and Luciana were two of them.

  3. 2009

  4. I don't remember

  5. Nicki

  6. Lea

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