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Disney Princess American Girl Doll: Jasmine

This is the second part of my three-part blog series talking about the new Disney Princess American Girl dolls in-depth, focusing on the Jasmine doll.

Jasmine is from the 1992 Disney movie Aladdin, which is based on the Middle Eastern folktale One Thousand And One Nights, or Arabian Nights. In the movie, Jasmine is the love interest of Aladdin, who is the princess of the kingdom of Agrabah and daughter of the Sultan, who is bored with life in the royal palace. The Aladdin story was also made into a live-action movie, which released in 2019, a TV series that aired in the 90s and two direct-to-video sequels, The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Jasmine appeared in all Aladdin-related media.

American Girl describes Jasmine as "compassionate toward her kingdom" and someone who "always stands up for what’s right". Jasmine is American Girl's first canonically Middle Eastern doll.

The Jasmine doll has the Sonali mold, dark skin, with brown eyes that open and close and long black hair styled half back in signature twists and a segmented ponytail. She has a soft cotton body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. She arrives in a flowy turquoise two-piece set featuring a sparkle-knit top with shimmery mesh across the shoulders and golden lamé binding at the hem, and a pair of satin pants with a chiffon overskirt featuring iridescent peacock-feather print and golden lamé binding.

The Jasmine doll also comes with a glittery, iridescent turquoise headband with three Swarovski® crystals at the center, a pair of golden metal hoop earrings, an a golden metal necklace, a pair of gold-colored pointed-toe slippers with Swarovski® crystal embellishments, a set of three golden-terry elastic hair ties and a pair of cotton underwear.

Only 4,000 Jasmine dolls were produced as part of the exclusive Disney 100th anniversary collaboration with American Girl. As a mark of authenticity, a certificate with the doll's production number and a "signature" from Jasmine similar to the ones she "gives" at Disney theme parks. She also comes in a exclusive box with an image of Jasmine.

Stay tuned for the last post in this series about Rapunzel!

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