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Doll of the Month January 2023: Corinne!

Corinne Tan won the poll for the first Doll of the Month of 2023!

(Edit made by AGDN reader Raine)

In 2022, Corinne lives in Aspen, Colorado with her mom Judy, stepdad Arne and Gwynn, her seven year old sister.

Corinne is dealing with a lot of changes in her life after she moves in with her new stepdad, Arne. She enjoys skiing, but it's getting harder to enjoy it with the new house, friendship troubles, and anti-Asian racism she deals with in public. But her life changes when she meets a dog named Flurry and decides to train him to be a search and rescue dog.

Corinne was released as Girl of the Year 2022 on December 30, 2021 and is still available for purchase.

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