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Doll of the Month January 2024 Poll

The last 2 Mondays being holidays have been making me forget when to post the Doll of the Month stuff, but now that they're over, I should get back into the swing of things soon! Anyways, here's the Doll of the Month poll for 2024 - the choices are Mia St. Clair, Felicity Merriman and Nicki Hoffman!

Doll of the Month January 2024

  • Mia St. Clair

  • Felicity Merriman

  • Nicki Hoffman

P.S: Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of AGDN! I'm having a party with my family tomorrow night to celebrate - we're making cake and watching at least one American Girl movie! I'll make sure to post pictures on Saturday!

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Happy 10th Syd! I definitely want Mia. We don' get enough of her.


Felicity because she was one of our first dolls. Go Felicity!

Marion and Marilyn

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I have Felicity


Nicki, because of January 2000


Although I suggested one of the Hoffman twins, I voted for Felicity. She was the very first American girl character that I have ever read about. Meet Felicity was the first American girl book I ever read. I borrowed it from my school library.


mia since she's winter themed! :D

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