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Doll of the Month June 2022: Kanani!

For June 2022's Doll of the Month, 52% of you guys voted for Kanani Akina, so she is June 2022's Doll of the Month!

(Edit made by AGDN reader Raine)

In 2011, Kanani lives in Kauai, Hawaii, with her two parents, dog Barksee, rooster Jinx and goat Mochi.

Kanani is an active and helpful girl who likes volunteering at her parent’s shaved ice stands. She is friendly, resourceful and loves her home of Hawaii. Kanani likes swimming and paddleboarding in her spare time. One summer, however, her cousin Rachel from New York visits her, and Kanani naturally wants to help her homesick cousin. She does everything she can to share the aloha spirit with her cousin and find a good relationship with her, and along the way, she finds a cause that she’s passionate about- saving the monk seal- and comes up with a plan to help out.

Kanani was only available for one year in 2011.

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Congratulations Kanani and all of her fans.



Jun 14, 2022

Love Kanani! On other subject not exactly related - Hallmark movies "Caribbean Summer" the main character "Jade" played by Heather Hemmens kind of reminded me of Kanani.


I absolutely adore Kanani I think her books are so important and have such an amazing message and story telling, Her story is very unique as well as her design she is such a beautiful doll and one of the best GOTY AG has ever produce ✨


I love Kanani's eyes.


Lylah C.
Lylah C.
Jun 13, 2022

Kanani's first book was probably the first AG book I read, back in fourth grade. My friend had it so she convinced me to read it and BOY I loved it so much!! I didn't get her as a doll until much later (after her retirement) but I love her! She's my only doll with the Jess mold but I really want other dolls with that mold!

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