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Doll of the Month March 2024: Josefina's Collection

Here is some of Josefina's collection!

Who should be the Doll of the Month next month?

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Girl of the Year Rumors That Turned Out To Be False

Hey guys! Sorry for the post so late at night - I’m sure most of you guys won’t be seeing this until the morning tomorrow, but I figured I’d post anyway. I was thinking about some of the false rumors


Maryellen in her Cowgirl Costume.


Maryellen in her Cowgirl Costume.


Grace could be super fun to do! She had the best collection of stuff ever, for a GOTY. And definitely in the top 5 collections of named dolls.


Maryellen in her Cowgirl Costume.


Okay, so here is a list of all the American Girl characters who have been Doll of the Month in order so far:

  1. Kit

  2. Kanani

  3. Kaya

  4. Saige

  5. Caroline

  6. Rebecca

  7. Samantha

  8. Claudie

  9. Corinne

  10. Melody

  11. Nanea

  12. Nellie

  13. Luciana

  14. Jess

  15. Ruthie

  16. Marie-Grace

  17. Kirsten

  18. Lila

  19. Addy

  20. Felicity

  21. Cecile

  22. Josefina

Apr 02
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OMG thank you Ruthie! I'm pinning this to my phone so I can keep track!

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