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Doll of the Month October 2022: Rebecca Rubin

The poll for October's Doll of the Month was very close, but Rebecca Rubin was able to slightly edge out Jess McConnell to be October's Doll of the Month!

(Edit made by AGDN reader Raine)

In 1914, Rebecca Rubin lives in New York City. Rebecca has four siblings, Sadie, Sophie, Victor and Benny, and lives with her parents, her cousin Ana and her family.

Rebecca lives in a crowded apartment with her large Russian Jewish family, but has even bigger dreams: to become an actress. Her family doesn't understand her dreams, and would rather her be a teacher. But these dreams of hers helps her bond with her Russian immigrant cousin Ana, nab her a small part in a silent movie, and even help her advocate for worker's rights.

Rebecca was released in 2009 and is still available.

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