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Doll of the Week: Josefina!

Josefina is the Doll of the Week this week!

Josefina was released in August 1997. She has a face mold that was unique to her until 2004, black coarse hair, and brown eyes. Her meet outfit was a white camisa and red and brown skirt from 1997 until 2014 and a white camisa and red and blue skirt from 2014 on.

Josefina lives in New Mexico with her dad Andres, aunt "Tia" Dolores and three sisters, Ana, Clara and Francisca.

In Meet Josefina, her life is turned around when her aunt Tia Dolores moves in after the death of her Mama. In Josefina Learns A Lesson, more changes come in her household when Dolores starts to school Josefina, who learns how to trust her in spite of these changes. In Josefina's Surprise, Josefina realizes that the Christmas traditions she and her sisters share will keep the memories of their Mama alive. In Happy Birthday, Josefina, Josefina starts helping her godmother, Tia Magdalena, with chores, and realizes her passion for healing. In Josefina Saves The Day, her family gets scammed by an American trader, and Josefina has to work to save them. Finally, in Changes for Josefina, it seems like Tia Dolores will have to go- but then Josefina has an idea: wedding Tia Dolores to her dad.

Josefina was cubed in 2019.

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