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Doll of the Week: Just Like You #41!

Just Like You #41 is the Doll of the Week this week!

Just Like You 41 was released in 2009. She has the Classic mold, black hair, light skin, and green eyes. Her first meet outfit was the Star Hoodie Outfit and her last was the Lilac Dress.

Just Like You 41 was retired in 2016.

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Oh no!! My granddaughter just asked for an American Girl Doll (it would be her 1st one) for Christmas. She’s our first grandchild and I really wanted to get it for her. Unfortunately, the American Girl Doll store at Park Meadows in Colorado (our only one in the state) closed this past July. I’m so very disappointed that I won’t be able to fulfill that request. Please reopen that store or another in the Denver or Colorado Springs area. 😥


Just Like You #41 was the first American Girl doll I ever had. I got her for my fifth birthday, and I named her Katie. I love her so much, and she definitely was very well-loved.


@agdollphotoshoots omg she does remind me of Sarah! I love that book :)


They should bring her back!! I have never seen her until now, but she is so beautiful! She would also be a unique looking doll for the line, with the green eyes and dark hair.

She reminds me of Sarah Crewe from A Little Princess.


She is EXACTLY ruthie! (Too bad ruthies an only child, if she had a twin it would've been cool cuz I would be sold-)

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