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Doll of the Week: Makena!

Makena is the Doll of the Week for this week!

Makena was released in September 2021 and is part of the World by Us line. She has a unique face mold, black hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. She came in a black shirt and ombre pink-purple skirt.

Makena is a girl who likes fashion and posting her outfits on Instagram who must find her voice through fashion when a racist incident happens in her own front yard.

Makena is still available.

P.S: AHHH WE'RE A MONTH AWAY FROM RUNNING OUT OF DOLLS FOR DOLL OF THE WEEK! What do I do? Do I start over? I mean, that wouldn't be a bad idea considering some of the dolls haven't been Doll of the Week for two and a half years.

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