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Even "Moore" Information about Courtney Moore

American Girl published Explore articles about Courtney Moore, the newest historical character who just debuted yesterday. Here's all the information I could find about Courtney from these articles!

"If her mom wins the election for Orange Valley mayor, she’ll become the first woman to ever serve that role. How exciting! But Courtney is shocked when a reporter questions her mom’s ability to be a good mayor and a good mom. Why can’t she be both? Courtney wonders. Courtney stands up for her mom’s ability make Orange Valley a better place, which should be what matters in an election. Courtney worries that her outburst has ruined her mom’s chances of winning. But instead, Mom commends her for speaking up."

"We can’t control how many people vote for me,” Mom said calmly. “Some people may not. But I’m so pleased that you were confident enough to stand up for what you believe in. I’m proud of you.” “I’m proud of you, too,” Courtney said, and she meant it.

Courtney Changes the Game, page 59"

"Though Courtney is used to life with divorced parents, nothing could have prepared her for her dad moving three hundred miles away for a new job. They used to spend every weekend playing video games, bowling, and eating waffles, and she misses him a lot. Now she has to spend weekends with her stepsister Tina, who does not like sharing a room or dealing with Courtney’s guinea pig, Parsley.

It takes a conversation with her stepdad, Mike, to put these changes in perspective for Courtney. Tina is struggling with change in her own way, as she continues to grieve the death of her mom."

"You know, you and Tina have both faced big changes in your families. You’re alike in many ways.” Courtney was surprised. “We are?”

“You both miss someone you love,” he said. He looked at Tina’s bed, where Tina kept a photo of her mom taped to the wall. “And you’re both doing the best you can to adjust. Try to be patient with each other.”

Courtney Changes the Game, page 31

"As Courtney begins to understand, everyone adapts to change differently. And you can’t always know what someone is struggling with, even if you share a bunkbed with them."

"After spending weeks preparing for the launch of the space shuttle Challenger at school, Courtney is scared and confused after she sees the explosion unfold on live television. Why did it happen? But even her teacher, Mr. Garcia, can’t answer that question. Courtney realizes that bad things could happen to anyone, anywhere, any time. And it scares her.

Ultimately, Courtney learns the importance of courage and boldness, even in times of tragedy.

“I think it’s hard to feel brave after something like this happens,” Dad answered. “Doing something bold always carries a risk.” “Then why do it?” Courtney asked. “If it’s safer not to take any risks, I mean?” Courtney’s dad hesitated. “Safer, yes. But some risks are worth it.” Courtney Changes the Game, page 90"

I love Courtney's story so far! I can't wait to read her book on Friday, when I'm supposed to get Courtney in!

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She sounds like DC’s Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl


Lauren M.
Lauren M.
Sep 17, 2020

@KirstenKitFan our moms are the same age!


Sep 16, 2020

cool! my mom said that the challenger pic was exactly like her experience (even though she was a sophomore) :D



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