Every American Girl Doll Name In Alphabetical Order

I was bored in school today, so I made a list of every named American Girl doll ever released and alphabetized it so I could put it on the blog! Here's the list:

  • Addy Walker

  • Blaire Wilson

  • Caroline Abbott

  • Cecile Rey

  • Chrissa Maxwell

  • Claudie Wells

  • Corinne Tan

  • Courtney Moore

  • Elizabeth Cole

  • Emily Bennett

  • Evette Peeters

  • Felicity Merriman

  • Gabriela McBride

  • Grace Thomas

  • Gwen Thompson

  • Isabelle Palmer

  • Ivy Ling

  • Jess McConnell

  • Josefina Montoya

  • Joss Kendrick

  • Julie Albright

  • Kailey Hopkins

  • Kanani Akina

  • Kaya'aton'my

  • Kira Bailey

  • Kirsten Larson

  • Kit Kittredge

  • Lanie Holland

  • Lea Clark

  • Lindsey Bergman

  • Logan Everett

  • Luciana Vega

  • Makena Williams

  • Marie-Grace Gardner

  • Marisol Luna

  • Maritza Ochoa

  • Maryellen Larkin

  • McKenna Brooks

  • Melody Ellison

  • Mia St. Clair

  • Molly McIntire

  • Nanea Mitchell

  • Nellie O'Malley

  • Nicki Fleming

  • Rebecca Rubin

  • Ruthie Smithens

  • Saige Copeland

  • Samantha Parkington

  • Sonali Matthews

  • Tenney Grant

  • Z Yang

Who's your favorite doll?

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