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Every American Girl Truly Me Holiday Dress Ever! (2022 Update)

In summer 2018, I made a post of every Truly Me holiday dress up to 2017. We've had 5 more dresses since then, so I figured it was time for an updated version!

The first one in 1998 was simply called the Holiday Outfit. Surprisingly, it lasted until 2001 and cost $22.

1999's holiday dress was called the Year 2000 Outfit and cost $25.

2000's holiday dress was called the Twilight Outfit and cost $26.

2001's holiday dress was called the Garnet Holiday Outfit and cost $26.

2002's holiday dress was called the Starry Night Outfit and cost $26.

2003 was the first year that American Girl offered 2 holiday dresses- the Radiant Rhinestones Dress ($30) and the online-exclusive Shimmery Gold Dress ($24).

2004's dress was the Merry Moonlight Outfit, which cost $30.

2005 was the first year that there were 2 dresses both available in store, online and from the catalog: the Chocolate Cherry Dress and the Gala Party Outfit. Both dresses were $30 each.

The 2006 holiday dress was the Sweet Sequins Party Outfit. It cost $28.

The 2007 holiday dress was the Midnight Holly Outfit, which cost $24. 2007 was the last year with only 1 holiday dress until 2018.

2008 had 2 dresses- the Scarlet and Snow Outfit and the Silver Belle Outfit. Both outfits were $28.

2009 brought the Sparkly Plum Outfit and the Fancy Flower Outfit. They both cost $36.

2010's dresses were the Snowflake Ball Gown and the Ruby and Ribbon Dress. They both cost $36.

2011's holiday dresses were the Frosty Party Outfit and the Merry and Bright Dress. Both were $36.

2012's dresses were the Purple Party Outfit and the Rosy in Red Outfit. Both cost $36.

2013's dresses were the Sparkle Party Dress and the Brocade Holiday Dress. Both were $36. In addition, for the first time there was a store-exclusive holiday gown, the Merry and Bright Gown Set, which cost $72.

2014's dresses were the Happy Holiday Dress and the Silver Shimmer Dress, which both cost $36. The store-exclusive gown was the Ruby Ball Gown Set, which cost $72.