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Every Piece of Girl of the Year Technology!

In 2001, technology was way different than it was now. The Internet was for nerds, all the social media sites people use nowadays weren't even a thing yet, and Apple only sold computers. I was re-reading Marisol's book at school today (to pass the time after I finished my English final) when her cell phone was mentioned in the text, and I was filming a phone factory scene for Rebelle today... and those experiences thought that it would be fun to look at what technological items the Girls of the Years have had in the past!

One of the few items that Lindsey had in her collection was her Laptop and Bag set. The computer really worked as a calculator and clock! I'm curious if it still works and if it will say 2020...

Kailey had a camera in her Snorkel Set.

Marisol's cellphone came in her Dance Duffel and Cat set.

Jess's Travel Accessories came with the most evil piece of technology on this list: a butterfly shaped camera.

After taking a break for Nicki, American Girl released a MP3 player and pair of headphones in Mia's Accessories.

An IM machine came with Chrissa's Warm Up Set.

A girl sized version was also available.

Lanie's accessories included a laptop.

Kanani's accessories came with a purple camera.

Saige's hot air balloon set actually came with a recolor of Kanani's camera, this time orange.

Grace's Baking Set came with a tablet.

Lea loved photography, so it was only natural her accessory set came with a camera.

A laptop was also included in her Rainforest House set.

Gabriela got a MP3 player in her Chair and Ottoman set.

A laptop was also included in her Loft Bed set.

Luciana's Telescope Projector Set included a phone.

A screen and a laptop also were included in Luciana's Mars Habitat.

A tablet came in Blaire's Accessories.

A phone came in Joss's Accessories.

A laptop will come in her Volkswagen Bus Set, as pictured here.

What's your favorite GOTY technology piece? I really like Luciana's phone and Lea's camera.

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