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Fancy Dresses for American Girl of the Year Corinne Tan

Usually, American Girl releases fancy dress outfits for the Girl of the Year dolls. However, the last 3 Girls of the Year haven't gotten one.

Today, I was thinking about this and looked up some Truly Me dresses that would suit this year's Girl of the Year, Corinne Tan!

A major theme in Corinne's story is that she is dealing with her mom's new marriage. When her mom Judy married her stepdad Arne, Corinne was wearing a red dress.

The closest AG dress to this is the Joyful Jewels Outfit from 2015.

However, I was thinking to try to find AG dresses that fit the colors of her collection more accurately, and I found some!

This is the Butterfly Twist Outfit from 2012. Not exactly fancy, but the colors remind me of Corinne.

The Truly Me meet outfit from 2015 to 2017, the Lilac Dress, could also fit her.

The Sea Blue Dress from the Truly Me mix and match line from 2018 also would suit Corinne.

What one would you think would suit her the best?

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