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Full List of Corinne Items On Sale

Since the ad I saw at the American Girl store yesterday wasn't that accurate in describing the discounts on Corinne's collection this week, I figured I'd make a list of the actual sale prices!

  • Corinne Books: $6.00

  • Gwynn's Accessories: $16

  • Gwynn's Pajamas: $20

  • Corinne's Pajamas: $21

  • Corinne's Ice Skating Accessories: $21

  • Gwynn's Ice Skating Performance Outfit: $24

  • Corinne's Accessories: $24

  • Corinne's Camping Outfit: $28

  • Corinne's Casual Outfit: $29

  • Corinne's Camping Accessories: $30

  • Corinne's Dog: $31

  • Corinne's Dog Plush for Girls: $32

  • Corinne's Ski Outfit: $32

  • Corinne's Pajamas for Girls: $34

  • Corinne's Baby Brother, Blix: $36

  • Corinne's Ski Accessories: $36

  • Gwynn Doll: $46

  • Corinne's Ski Lodge Fire Pit: $68

  • Corinne's Ski & Snack Shop: $120

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