Fun Facts And Sneak Peeks From American Girl Fan Club Podcast

On Wednesday, the new American Girl Fan Club podcast hosted by American Girl influencers Kristen Washington and Sydney Paulsen debuted. The first episode featured interviews with American Girl product designer Heather Northrop and American Girl author Denise Lewis Patrick. If you haven't listened to the podcast yet, here's the link!

Anyway, here are some new facts and sneak peeks of what's to come from American Girl that were revealed on the podcast!

  • Kit's hair was supposed to be long and curly before it was changed to the iconic bob we know and love

  • A member of Josefina's advisory board cut his own hair to get the color right of her hair

  • American Girl is looking to make more movies in the future and bring their stories to life via new platforms

  • Denise Lewis Patrick and Sarah Masters Buckey collaborated a lot on the Cecile and Marie-Grace series, however due to the pandemic and other factors, this didn't occur with the World By Us series

  • Denise Lewis Patrick said that bringing Makena to life was quicker than bringing her historical characters to life due to the modern time period and influences based on current world events

I can't wait for the next episode of this podcast!

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