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Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey Book Series Review

Yesterday, I finally got to read Kira's book series! Here's my review of it:

Both of these books were SO GOOD! I loved the writing a lot- Erin Teagan always does a phenomenal job- and Kira is such an awesome character. I loved her passion for animals and wildlife, and she was written as a realistic 10-year-old with hopes and fears of her own. The side characters were also enjoyable, such as Alexis, Kira's new friend. I liked how they contrasted- while Kira always needed to be prepared, Alexis was always spontaneous. While they did have fights like every Girl of the Year book before, their fights made sense and weren't typical 'GOTY friend problems'. I also liked how the series tackled real-world issues, such as wildfires, animal rescue, and climate change, in an engaging way, and that the solutions to the plots dealing with these issues weren't all happiness and rainbows. Lastly, I have to mention the lesbian representation in Aunt Mamie and Auntie Lynette. This has its' own post, but it felt so good to see characters like me in an American Girl book. Overall, these books were great and I totally recommend buying them!

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