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Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey Theory 2! (GOTY 2021)

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We're now three months from Girl of the Year 2021, Kira Bailey! There has been no information about her besides her cryptic book listings, but while I was searching up information about her, I found my post from July about the Girl of the Year pattern theory. After I reread it and thought about more information we have about her, I came up with not one, but TWO brand new theories about 2021's Girl of the Year! The second one, I will post tomorrow, but the first one is regarding Kira's looks and ethnicity.

In July, I speculated that due to the pattern of Girls of the Year being Josefina molds every three years and blue-eyed every six years, Kira would be a Josefina mold with blue eyes. With this post, I present another option about Kira's looks and ethnicity that I didn't think about earlier.

What people have been hoping for is that Girl of the Year 2021 might break the pattern and be an Asian doll, as Kira is a Japanese first name. I would love that, as I love anime and know about Japanese culture, so I thought about it some more and thought of another pattern that I didn't really think about back in July. (I was rushing when I put that post up, since I was about to go on a day trip.)

Every five years, the Girl of the Year has been a doll of color. Lea Clark from 2016 was 1/8 Brazillian, Kanani was 1/4 Japanese and 1/4 Hawaiian and Jess was 1/2 Japanese. Due to Kira's Japanese name and this pattern, it is likely that Kira could be at least partially Japanese.

However, this is just a theory and isn't confirmed. Kira could still be a white Josefina mold, as my post from July predicted, due to the fact that American Girl is presenting their commitment to diversity with the fact that they're making a new diverse contemporary line with a Black main character instead of anything else. Then again, American Girl has been tight-lipped about their Girl of the Years in recent years, so both theories are plausible.

I went on the Create Your Own generator and made another version of Kira with this theory. Here she is:

What do you think?

Come back tomorrow for my second new Kira theory!

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