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Girl of The Year 2022 Corinne and Gwynn Tan Rumor: Sisters!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Buckle up, AGDN readers: Girl of the Year 2022 rumors are starting to come about! (Is it just me or did we have to wait longer than usual this year? Now that I'm looking at my Kira posts from 2020, the rumors started in November 2020, so it's probably because I didn't think of many theories this year since we had a theory from the trademarked names that I feel that way.)

The Girl of the Year is rumored to be Corinne Tan. Her sister is Gwynn Tan, who is rumored to be the same size as a WellieWishers doll, about 14.5 inches.

This puts an end to our "twin theory", because the rumors say otherwise. Oh well. It was a fun theory while it lasted, but it is pretty cool to be possibly getting another 14.5 inch doll, since the WellieWishers released six years prior to 2022, plus it's more affordable!

What do you think about this rumor? Do you prefer this situation or the twin theory where we get 2 18-inch dolls?

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