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Girl of The Year 2022 Corinne and Gwynn Tan Rumor: Winter!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

More GOTY 2022 rumors are headed your way!

I should have predicted this, since AG likes to do things related to the Olympics. But they normally do not care about the Winter Olympics... until now.

Corinne and Gwynn are rumored to have a winter theme. They are rumored to live in a mountainous area and be interested in activities like skating, skiing and snowboarding.

Add to the fact that they are rumored to be Chinese-American, and this screams 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. (I should have predicted this... this year for some reason I had zero prediction ideas when a possible prediction was in front of me the whole time!)

This is interesting, since our last winter doll was Mia in 2008, when the target market wasn't even born yet and I was a preschooler. However, I am concerned about the Olympic ties due to human rights abuses.

What do you think?

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