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Girl of the Year 2025 Summer McKinny Theory - Animal Shelter Theme?

Okay, guys. I have a theory about the next Girl of the Year doll, rumored to be named Summer McKinny.

So, we all saw that pawprint I posted a few days ago, right?

Well, American Girl usually likes to put their Truly Me items on sale to clear them out if a Girl of the Year comes out with a similar interest.

We saw this happen around last summer, when American Girl's horse items were put on clearance to make room for Lila, as well as the Gymnastics Set that had been available for 10 years prior to her release.

American Girl's pet adoption boutique for Truly Me was just introduced a few years back, and it is currently on clearance - for a whopping 40% off, which is unheard of for a big ticket item.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Girl of the Year 2025 will have a pet adoption theme.

And as a bonus, based on my appearance theories from September for her - here's some CYO mockups!

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