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Help Me Decide What To Buy With My AG Reward!

Yesterday, I went to my dad's house to watch a movie when I saw that a $50 AG Reward was sent there for me! I got so excited, but then wondered... what should I even get with it when I go to American Girl on Saturday?

So many new things have released for AG lately. I got most of Kavi's stuff minus her big accessories for my birthday back in January, but there's still the mix and match stuff, and the travel outfits from December, and the spring dress, and Isabel and Nicki's world, and the Jeni's collab...

So instead of dying trying to figure out what to get, I figured I'd ask my blog readers!

If you were in my position, what would you guys buy with a $50 AG Reward out of all the new things that have came out in recent months?

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