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How Far Apart Were The Most Recent Historicals?

When American Girl was founded in 1986, Molly was the most recent historical. Which doesn't seem that weird, but then you remember that World War 2 was only 42 years before American Girl was founded... which is the same gap between 1981 and 2023.

With Nicki and Isabel's impending release, I thought it would be interesting to see how far apart the most recent historical was to their release year!

  • Molly (1944) was released in 1986, about 42 years after her story took place.

  • 21 years later, in 2007, Julie (1975) was released 32 years after her story took place.

  • Despite being later than Molly, Maryellen (1954) and Melody (1963) both weren't the latest historical due to Julie. Maryellen released 61 years after her story, and Melody released 53 years after her story.

  • 13 years after Julie, in 2020, Courtney (1986) was released 34 years after her story took place.

  • Nearly 3 years after Courtney, in 2023, Nicki and Isabel (1999) will release 24 years after their story takes place, marking the shortest gap in time from a historical's era to their release.

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