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How To Make An Amazing American Girl Stopmotion Movie!

I'm no stranger to American Girl stopmotion movies- I have made nine over the years, so I decided to make a post about how to make your own legendary American Girl stopmotion movie! Not just any old one- one that is amazing. I know the difference between making a typical AGSM movie and one that raises the bar for AGTubers everywhere (since I've made both kinds)... but don't worry, I'll give you tips to make the amazing kind!

The first part of making an amazing AGSM movie involves thinking of a storyline. For this one, you can think of anything! But don't make it too similar to other AGSM movies out there, because if it has a similar plot, it won't be enjoyable. Personally, I've seen a lot of movies about bullying, school or princesses, and my movies were in the same vein before I learned how to come up with original concepts. Another tip- don't be afraid to go outside the AGTube box! I used to be afraid to get outside it, but my sister helped me change my mind. If I was still scared, Rebelle wouldn't be a thing.

The second part is writing a script. First, you should outline your story, and then write it in a screenplay format using a website like Celtx. You don't have to learn how to properly write a screenplay for this (unless you're like me and want to), but remember that in AGSM format, every page is 40 seconds worth of action. If you want to make a 15 minute stopmotion, you'll need a 23 page script. To make sure your script is as legendary as you think it is, get a friend or a script reader to read your script before you start filming, and then edit it to work out the kinks.

The third part is for legends only- casting actual voice actors for each part! I didn't do this for a while, but I finally did it with Rebelle, and it came out better than it did when I was the only voice in my movies. How did I pull it off, you may ask? I messaged my favorite AGTubers, got my friends, family, sister's friends, people I worked with in other projects and online friends on board, and held auditions online for minor parts. Don't worry- you can voice someone, too! Just make sure you're not alone.

Now, you can finally start filming! The filming process can take anywhere from one to two months. Just be patient and have fun!

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