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Huge American Girl Monthly Sale! $92 American Girl Doll GOTY Dolls

American Girl's June monthly sale is probably the biggest one yet. Joss, Kira and Corinne are on sale for both $92 each- roughly a 15% discount. Gwynn is also on sale for 20% off, $52.

As for accessories, all of Kira and Joss's accessories and outfits are 10% off, and Corinne's big ticket items, fire pit, and other items have varying discounts of 8% off to 20% off.

Corinne and Kira's books are also 25% off.

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02 juin 2022

I have Joss and Corinne, and no desire to get Kira. 🤦


So many deals- AG must not be doing well in the GOTY department. #justiceforthehistoricals

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