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I Don't Think American Girl's Releasing Anything Next Month, And Here's Why

Usually around this time of the month, we're thinking about what American Girl is going to release next. But to be honest, aside from Molly's second abridged volume, I don't think we're getting anything at all.

Why, you may ask?

Well, for three reasons. One, because Claudie's book is scheduled for August, and American Girl has never had a release the month before a new character comes.

The second reason is less rooted in AG history, though, and more in what they've been doing recently. American Girl released a trailer for Dolled Up Season 500 (I'm joking, but it seems like we've been in a neverending loop of Dolled Up since 2020), and I checked it out to see if anything new was in the trailer. And... there wasn't!

And lastly, the American Girl Hotel and Spa and accompanying outfits and accessories from last month's release are still not in AG stores, and neither are the new WellieWisher books.

So, unfortunately, we're probably getting nothing in July.

However, we are getting Claudie in August... AND THAT'S AWESOME!

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