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I'm Getting Custom American Girl Marvel Dolls Soon!

Due to the Create Your Own shipping delays, I decided to keep this on the downlow until I got a shipping notification. But now that my dad got the notification, I figured I'd tell all the AGDN readers out there about two new dolls joining my doll family soon!

Basically, my dad is OBSESSED with Marvel movies. I love them, too, but my dad is obsessed to the point where he literally has statues of various characters at his office. So when we went to the American Girl store one time last month, he saw the boy Create Your Own doll option for the first time - and got some ideas. He told me to use the boy wigs and options to make two different Create Your Own boy dolls based on Marvel characters, specifically Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) and Miles Morales (aka Spider Man from the Spiderverse animated movies), so I did, We ordered them for us both to share, and now, they're finally coming after a month-long wait! (Perfect timing, since the new Spiderverse movie is coming out in three days.)

Since my dolls are under my dad's AG account, I can't show you all the photos yet, but once they come in the mail, I will show you!

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