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If Historical Characters Were In 2020... My Thoughts

Quarantine boredom and waiting for my footage to export led me to an idea... what if all the Historical Characters were somehow modern girls instead of well, historical characters? I decided to imagine what it would be like!

-Kaya would probably be a competitive horseback rider who dreams of becoming a legislator or a fashion designer someday.

-Felicity would also be a horseback rider, though I don't think she'd do it competitively. I could also imagine her being a history nerd- she'd be into any period of history that ends with the word Revolution. (Except for the Glorious Revolution... the most boring revolution in the entire world. If you took ninth grade history class, you know.)

-Caroline probably wouldn't be into boats. She'd like planes or cars or something else. Probably would want to be a pilot.

-Josefina would aspire to be a doctor and have a dog instead of a goat.

-Cecile and Marie-Grace would be a singing duo and play open mic nights and coffeehouses all over New Orleans.

-Kirsten would live on a sustainable farm like Blaire and would probably like sewing as well.

-Addy would still want to be a teacher, but she'd probably be accepted into a lot of colleges and graduate at the top of her class.

-Samantha would be an activist of some sort and do a lot of volunteer work.

-Rebecca would do a lot of community theatre, be really into Broadway plays and probably have her own YouTube channel as well.

-Kit would be a blogger and self-published author. She'd obviously grow up to be a journalist! -Nanea would still be a hula dancer, but I could see her doing competitive dance as well.

-Same thing with Molly. She'd still like tap, but go beyond with it.

-Maryellen would work harder at being an astronaut, but she'd probably be a social media star too.

-Melody would perform her songs everywhere she could, as well as posting them on social media.

-Julie would be the star player on the girl's basketball team, and eventually become the first female to play in the NBA.

What do you think?

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