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In Another Universe, Lila Would Have Came Out Today

It's the last Thursday of the year. For the past three years in a row, the Girl of the Year has come out on this day to allow American Girl to have a slot on Good Morning America for the reveal. In 2020, Kira Bailey came out on December 31. In 2021, Corinne Tan came out on December 30. And in 2022, Kavi Sharma came out on December 29. And yet, here we are, in 2023, waiting for the new Girl of the Year to come out, only to remember - wait. Lila Monetti's already out! And she's been out for nearly three months!

On one hand, this change has been proving to be beneficial for American Girl. Many of Lila's items, including the doll herself, are backordered already, and they seem to be selling well, from what I've heard from people with connections to American Girl. But at the same time, it just doesn't feel like winter break if you're not searching for Girl of the Year leaks, or constantly blogging. Even my sister told me the other day while we were baking Christmas cookies, "It's weird Sydney isn't constantly talking about the new Girl of the Year!", so I proceeded to infodump about Lila just to make it feel like winter break. When I went to the AG store yesterday, it was weird that there wasn't a huge space waiting for the new Girl of the Year to fill. The most familiar thing about the display was the stack of Truly Me dolls in place of the Lila dolls currently on backorder, to be honest. It reminded me of the days where Girl of the Years actually retired on December 31... but that's not the point of this post. The point is that somewhere in another universe where American Girl didn't start to release their Girls of the Year early, Lila would have released today. And without a huge, impending release, the Thursday before New Year's this year has been very - boring.

But, turns out, I got sick today with a fever. So maybe it is a good thing that we're in the universe where Lila Monetti came out on October 4th.

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I do think eventually GOTY will phase out for a new title. Lila doesn't exactly feel like "Girl Of The Year" because she came out in 2023. Girl Of Today might make a comeback, maybe?

I get the business decision, but it does take away what makes GOTY special.


Dec 29, 2023

Of course it’s all about sales. American Girl is not a non-profit charity. BUT I loved when GMA had the reveal a day or two before New Year’s Day. Then the local AG stores would close early on New Year’s Eve and transform the store with the new girl of the year. We would make reservations for lunch at AG in advance. The store would be crowded and filled with excitement on New Years Day. Lots of wonderful memories. I’m still so sad that the local AG store closed during the pandemic. I can’t even go to the mall where it used to be.


Unknown member
Dec 29, 2023

I would like to know how to effectively search for any Claudie leaks or any other leaks we might get for future historical dolls. I realize we have gotten a bunch of historical stuff with Claudie, Nicki, and Isabel recently, and Kit’s birthday celebration has been big, but I still am anxious for any new historical things that might happen in 2024.

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