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In-Person Photos of American Girl Truly Me 128 + 129

Let me just say, I was NOT expecting to get Truly Me dolls 128 and 129 today. After all, I came home from college to my order of the Disney Princess dolls, only to be surprised by my parents that they got me 128 and 129! I named 128 Casey and 129 Amity. Here's their photos!

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I just love Casey. I will save for her for my 69th birthday on March 8, International Women's Day.

Replying to

That is SO COOL😎 that your birthday 🎉 🎂 🥳 falls on International Women’s Day!

Happy Early Birthday!🥳

Also, my grandma’s birthday 🎂 is the day before yours!

Do you have the Birthstone Collection March outfit? If you don’t are you planning on getting it for yourself?


I love the new freckle pattern. It looks so natural.


they're so cute! amity will be delighted to see her twin! ;)

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