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Kanani Akina's Collection: Doll of the Month June 2022

It's time for Kanani, the Doll of the Month's, collection post. But Kanani is unique in terms of Girl of the Years released in the 2010s: because she was the last Girl of the Year ever to have a Whole World collection, where you could buy Kanani's entire collection in one purchase!

Here is Kanani's Whole World collection:

From left to right: Kanani's Shaved Ice Stand, Kanani's Dog, Kanani's Pajamas, Kanani's Aloha Outfit, Kanani's Paddleboard Set, Kanani's Beach Outfit, Kanani's Meet Outfit, Hawaiian Monk Seal, Kanani's Lu'au Set, Kanani's Party Outfit, Kanani's Lounge Chair Set

The entire collection cost $479. In 2011, dolls cost $100, so that meant the entire collection cost $379.

Who should be Doll of the Month next month? Comment below your suggestions!

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